Rating AdvisoryWe provide Credit Rating Advisory services to MSMEs and Corporates seeking credit rating for their loans and bonds, either for the first time or where already rated, want to get the same improved or repaired. We provide insights into the rating process, criteria, information requirements, etc. Many a times, an MSME or a Corporate, on account of inadequate understanding about credit rating and its criteria, end up submitting information and documents that are insufficient, resulting into undesired credit rating. The long experience and expertise of the partners in the area of credit rating, positions them to suitably advise and prepare MSMEs and Corporate clients, towards achieving better credit rating from Credit Rating Agencies.

  • Preparation of Organisation for Credit rating

    Explaining applicable rating criteria and preparing entity for credit rating is first milestone in this direction. Articulation of vision and mission statement and right organisational structure are key starting point

    organisation for credit rating

  • Documents and Information

    Supplying adequate and requisite information and documents are key for approaching a third party credit rating agency. Whole effort here is to remove maximum possible information asymmetry. This step is critical and could have serious implications on rating outcome.

    documents and information

  • Coaching top management

    Preparing MD or CEO for rating interview are integrated part of this exercise. We help management realise and set communication right in the areas of Corporate governance and key strength of entity.

    top management

  • Internal self-assessment / repair of existing credit rating

    We carry out internal self assessment of all the three areas of Business, Financial and Management Risk. We help entity address key rating challenges and improve areas of concern on earlier credit rating report. We help entities which have observed severe downgrade i.e. with multiple notches down or default rating ‘D’, in helping create a roadmap for improving performance and thereby the rating.

    internal Self assessment

  • Rating Communication

    Communication amongst Bank, supplier, customer and credit rating agencies play a critical role in deciding the rating outcome and therefore should be given due importance. Also, the final rating outcome should be used appropriately and communicated right to various stakeholders inter-alia employees, suppliers, lenders and Investors, etc.

    Rating communication