ImpacTree aims at creating impact framework matrix for social stakeholders to better analyze the impact they are creating in the communities and causes they work with. ImpacTree uses an objective framework for measuring quantitative and qualitative aspects to create an integrated impact framework. Financial and operational efficiency, management capability, governance and compliance standards, transparency in reporting, internal checks and balances are considered, and their approach to realize the mission-vision and objectives. Also, scalability and sustainability of the prorgammes with stakeholder-satisfaction and end-beneficiary impact are sine qua non in the assessment.

Services provided

ImpacTree supports organizations in developing internal management capacity to implement social programmes through support and training in terms of partnerships management, legal and compliance management and financial management to ensure operational efficiency, good governance, transparency in reporting while scaling-up. Corporates can also engage with ImpacTree in developing a detailed CSR Policy, identifying potential CSR Partners, monitoring and evaluating programme implementation and developing a long term social strategy. We provide our professional support for implementation and documentation in following areas;
  • CSR Policy formulation
  • CSR Plan and selection of Partners including mapping of stakeholders with common objectives
  • Due-diligence and rating based selection criteria of social partners
  • Scorecard based monitoring of projects and social partners
  • Impact assessment