We advise SMEs on development of appropriate risk matrix that helps them in better preparedness against known and unknown risk variables, and inculcate a risk-awareness culture culminating into creating right strategy for continued sustainability and growth. We also advise entities on enterprise wide risk management and best possible solutions. While doing so, we introduce best Corporate Governance structure based on current and anticipated size and scale and encourage businesses to adopt the same as a habit contributing to the profitability and better efficiency rather than a cost center. We supplement SMEs in improving cost efficiency and productivity through our proprietary GB3 (Grow your Business Bigger and Better) advisory solutions.

Business Excellence Model – GB3 Solutions
Our GB3 solution for entities helps in transforming businesses in terms of right organisation & cost structure, corporate governance, compliance and growth strategy. It is a relevant solution for business keen to grow Bigger and Better. We help them attain the big leap in a smooth and efficient manner. The building blocks of GB3 solution have a well-defined approach:

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GB3 Milestones

  • Mentoring and Coaching

    SME BOTS adopts a top-down approach in mentoring and coaching. It also resorts to a role which prima facie appears more suggestive and incremental towards identifying solutions and adopts an active role in the implementation of the solutions. The approach is consciously so structured to ensure a complete ownership by the management and speedier implementation. It also helps ease out inter-personal barriers in the organization, if any, and sets-up a healthy environment required for the entity’s stability and its faster growth. Mentoring and coaching
  • Process & Financial Cost Analysis

    Setting smart processes and continuous review are the key deliverables. Analysis of cost structure and its comparison with benchmarks based on past performance, expected performance or performance of peers; enables making right choices and also efficiently manage risks.
  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance is often mistakenly implemented as a cost centre and unnecessary drag on resources. We believe that with suitable alignment and with just the right dosage, it is a profit contributor. We design and help implement better Corporate Governance measures and improved efficiency levels. We ensure that all management documents reflect values, code of conduct and professionalism. The financial statements so drawn reflect credibility and integrity of the management and the business entity. Corporate Governance
  • Smart Organisation

    Setting right organisational structure and winning team are primary building blocks, and we therefore lay emphasis on it. Smart-Organization
  • Financial Management & Compliance Services

    Often SMEs view financial management from the prism of tax planning and compliances, thereby losing sight of financial management as an important tool towards improving efficiency in performance and linking the same as an enabler in the overall business plan. SME BOTS through its comprehensive financial management, statutory and tax advisory and compliance solutions offers a holistic solution so that the compliances and planning is a key enabler in the growth of Business Bigger and Better. It inter alia, covers: k5815315
    • Financial planning to achieve business plans.
    • Arriving at the right mix of financial structure comprising of debt and / or equity.
    • Registration and guidance on compliances for LLP and Company Law matters including filing of periodical returns with MCA / Registrar of Companies or LLP.
    • One time registration for PAN / TAN, and periodical advisory on tax related issues on matters arising in business, other tax compliances including periodical filings of TDS returns, advance tax computation, self-assessment tax, tax returns, etc.
    • Preparation and guidance on assessments and tax appeals, as and when needed.