Welcome to SME BOTS

SME Business Outsourcing & Training Solutions LLP or SME BOTS in short is a specialized advisory-cum-support firm. We specialize in supporting businesses and financial intermediaries and institutions in the areas of financial management, performance management and guiding their Business to grow Bigger and Better. We help entities approach dedicated stock exchanges and alternative investment funds besides bank borrowings. We also train business entities and bankers / credit officers who deal with SMEs. Our expertise lies in areas of Credit and Credit Rating, with experience extending over multiple business and credit cycles.

Our Services

  • We advise SMEs on development of appropriate risk matrix that helps them in better preparedness against known and unknown risk variables, and inculcate a risk-awareness culture culminating into creating right strategy for sustainability and growth. We also advise entities on enterprise wide risk management and best possible solutions. While doing so, we introduce best Corporate Governance structure based on current and anticipated size and scale and encourage businesses to adopt the same as a habit contributing to the profitability and better efficiency rather than as a cost center. We supplement SMEs in improving cost efficiency and productivity through our proprietary GB3 (Grow your Business Bigger and Better) advisory solutions.

  • We provide training to lenders and SMEs with the aim of bridging gap between credit giver and credit seeker.

    Training for lenders

    • Credit appraisal and due diligence
    • Cash flow based credit analysis
    • Credit rating mechanisms - Dos and Don'ts
    • Monitoring and proactive servicing credit needs of borrowers
    • Early warning signals for stressful behaviour
    • Assessing rehabilitation needs and designing restructuring packages

    Training for SMEs

    • Understanding financial statements
    • Financial management and planning as a tool for Growing Business Bigger and Better
    • Better governance and disclosure practices

  • We provide host of following services to Lenders:

    • Preliminary due diligence
    • Strategic advisory and outsourcing
    • Customer relationship management
    • Portfolio Review with a focus towards building a strong customer-relationship based approach
    • Assessment of code of conduct and delivery
    • SME lending structure and processes - designing, review & alignment
    • Training solutions